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Energy Reduction

The use of energy is one of the most environmentally taxing elements of Hymopack’s manufacturing operation.  Hymopack has made substantial investments in order to reduce its energy consumption, and has even been recognized by the Government Agency for Energy Conservation for its efforts.

Examples include:
  • Upgrade of its equipment to reduce energy inputs.
  • Participation in government-sponsored energy curtailment programs established to reduce energy consumption during peak demand periods.
  • Recovery of heat energy from operating equipment in order to reduce natural gas requirements.
  • Upgrade of all light fixtures to those that consume less energy.

About us

Hymopack is a division of ProAmpac, a leading global flexible packaging company. Hymopack has been serving the plastic shopping bag and can liner markets for over 40 years. Located in Toronto, Canada, Hymopack’s state-of-the-art facility is well situated to service the entire North American market.


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